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Pukatea Horse Trekking is the first in New Zealand to offer 'Freedom Trekking' for experienced riders to go horseback riding on our trustworthy horses unguided.


Riders are expected to be able to competently control a horse without assistance as well as tack up and pack a horse competently and will be assessed on whether they are capable of this before departure. 


There is free accommodation available on your trek in DOC huts however, these can be busy during the high season so it is recommended that a small tent is taken along as alternative sleeping arrangements if required.

The huts available are;

  • Scotties Hut

  • Pool Hut

  • Jervois Hut

  • Stanley Vale Hut

  • Lake Guyon Hut

  • Anne Hut

  • Christopher Hut

  • Rokeby Hut

  • Magdalen Hut

All riding gear is supplied including saddle bags. Pack horses come at an additional cost.

For private and hunting trips with a guide please enquire, and we will try to do our best to meet your requirements. This will come at an additional charge.

Personal locator beacons are mandatory for freedom trekkers. This can be hired for $15 per day if you do not have your own. There must be at least one beacon with each group. 

Bookings by email or phone enquiry only

$180 per rider

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